Ordering Information

Ironwood Carvings Product Notes:

FIGURES: Due to their handcrafted nature, Ironwood figures may vary slightly in size and shape. All sizes are approximate. The individual artist initials most figures. EarthView, Inc. has searched extensively to bring you the best quality carvings from the best artists. Some figures are available in larger sizes, please call for details. Figures can be cared for by polishing with a soft cloth and/or occasionally apply a light coat of neutral paste-type shoe wax (do not use furniture polish). Extra large pieces may develop slight cracks over time, due to the nature of the wood. Please allow up to two weeks delivery time for some custom XL carvings.


LAMPS & SHADES: Rustic lamp bases are Ironwood and vary in geometry and size. Lamp heights range from 15" to 17" for the vanity lamps and from 21" to 23" for the larger Ironwood lamps on base. Custom XL lamps are approximately 30 inches tall. Please allow about 2 weeks delivery time on all custom lamps. Electrical components are UL approved parts. Large Ironwood lamps are assembled with 3-Way switches (we recommend a 30-70-100 Watt bulb). Vanity lamps require a torpedo/chandelier bulb. All paper shades are vinyl laminated. Silhouettes are available on most lampshades.


BOOKENDS: All Bookends are Rustic style except where noted. Horns for Moose, Elk, Deer and Longhorn are packed separately to prevent damage during shipment. Assembly of the horns is easy and only requires application of Krazy glue, which will be included in your order.


CLOCKS: Small animal clocks approximately 4" in height. Large animal clocks approximately 8" in height. Small rustic Ironwood clocks approximately 3" in height. Some assembly required. Horns for Moose, Elk, Deer and Longhorn are packed separately to prevent damage during shipment. Assembly of the horns is easy and only requires application of Krazy glue, which will be included in your order. Large clocks operate on one "AAA" battery (not included). Small clocks have battery included.


PAPER TOWEL HOLDERS: Paper Towel Holders range in height from 15" to 18" depending on figure. Some easy assembly required. Fits regular size paper towel rolls (not included).

SILHOUETTE MAGNETS, KEY CHAINS & ORNAMENTS: Engraving is available for an additional $.50 per item with a 24 pieces minimum order.  Please call or email about engraved items as those are not able to be ordered through the website.

Oaxacan Wood Carvings Product Notes

Important Note: Please note that our Oaxacan woodcarving selection changes frequently due to the hand-crafted nature and high demand of these carvings. We plan to periodically post photos of new Oaxacan carvings as they become available on this site. The best way to order Oaxacan woodcarvings to ensure 100% fulfillment of an order and fast shipment is to let us help you with an assortment order. If you provide us with a total dollar amount, we can provide you with a nice selection of carvings at whatever price ranges you desire. You are also free to send back any pieces you are not happy with or that do not sell for you in exchange for other carvings. If you would like to personally select your items, please feel free to do so and we will just ship any back-ordered items as soon as they are available. Oaxacan woodcarvings sell extremely well and we know you will be greatly satisfied with this product. Please call us with any questions and/or to inquire about extra large pieces that we carry that are not listed on the price list. Each carving comes with a narrative story card that describes the art of Oaxacan wood carving.

Other Notes: All Oaxacan carvings are personally signed by the artist on the bottom of the piece. Some of the smaller pieces only have the artist’s initials. Each carving comes with a narrative story card that details their unique nature. Also, narrative story display stands and a Oaxacan Woodcarving book are provided at no charge for each initial order of $250 or more. Many Oaxacan carvings have some light assembly required to minimize shipping damage. These pieces should fit easily into the holes and can be glued if you prefer. Please unwrap each piece carefully and find all enclosed parts. Allow up to 4 weeks delivery time for many of the extra large pieces or call us to see what we have in stock. Colors will vary and each piece is unique. Due to the totally handmade nature of this product, back orders may occur. Please also note that substitutions may occur in lieu of back-orders or to replace a discontinued artist or carving. In many instances, the substitution will be from the same artist or a similar piece from the artist. Please let us know if you do not want us to substitute. All back-orders will be automatically shipped as soon as they are available. Please notify us if you do not wish to receive your backorder.